About Me

About Me

Instructor, Podcaster, Author and Entrepreneur

Margo Lovett is the creator and host of Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation, a podcast streaming worldwide on iTunes, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Apple Podcast, Spotify.

Conversations with successful Reinvented women, has birthed a global resource for the baby boomer female, who will or has left corporate and is looking to reinvent herself becoming a podcaster, author, entrepreneur. 

After ending 26 years of employment, Margo followed her passionate hobby, internet radio. In 2017 Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation’s first show launched– designed to support and hold accountable those planning or during the Reinvention process.

Her Business Her Voice Her Reinvention, published October 2017, becoming a Best-Sellerfollowed by the anthology, Women Inspiring Nations, released in January 2018. 

Margo has appeared in Marketing Insiders, Influential Leaders in Marketing, & The Huffington PostVercay Magazine not only featured, but Margo, graced the cover twice. Margo is a contributor to the women’s leadership magazine WomELLE each month.


Podcast Academy Online Instructor

For boomers looking to learn how to start a podcast from an idea to a fully launched one. Podcast Academy online is built for you.

Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation Host

Built for the boomer woman leaving corporate, looking to reinvent and become an author, entrepreneur, podcaster!

Business Card Radio With Margo Lovett

Built for authors, entrepreneurs, and business owners looking to promote and create buzz for their brands.

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